Circuit Snap: A Digital Logic Game

Reason through circuit puzzles by combining wires, logic gates and other circuits. Starting with two basic logic gates, progressively design and unlock more complex circuits. Use these unlocked circuits to design even more complex functionality. Learn how to manipulate the logic gates and circuits used in electronics applications today.

Demo the first third of the game’s content for free to see if you enjoy before purchasing. Includes in game descriptions of how different components work to teach the basics.

Circuit Snap includes over 100 puzzles starting with basic logic gates and ending with integration of adders, multiplexers, and segment displays. This will test your logical reasoning skills while teaching the basics of digital logic.

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Find Circuit Snap on the following Platforms

Circuit Snap is available on for the following platforms:

  • Windows PC 
  • Linux

Circuit Snap is available on Google Play for the following platforms:

  • Android Tablet
  • Android TV

Circuit Snap is Available in the Microsoft Store for the following platform:

  • Xbox

Circuit Snap is available in the Amazon Appstore for the following platforms:

  • Fire Tablet
  • Fire TV

Circuit Snap is available in the Apple App Store for the following platform:

  • iPad

Circuit Snap Features

Circuit snap progressively teaches the following digital logic topics by building on concepts introduced in earlier puzzles. Each puzzle saves when you exit to allow coming back to your design at a later time. 

  • Basic logic gates
  • Multiple input logic gates
  • Universal logic gates
  • Boolean Algebra
  • Sets of Boolean equations
  • Representing numbers in Base 2
  • Arithmetic circuits such as adders and comparators
  • Switching circuits such as multiplexers, demultiplexers and crossbars
  • Magnitude encoding and decoding
  • Segment displays (7, 14, and 16 segments)
  • 7400 series TTL integrated circuit design
  • 4000 series CMOS integrated circuit design
  • Sandbox mode to experiment with all the unlocked circuits

Currently, Circuit Snap only supports combinational puzzles, so it does not include crystal oscillators, latches, or flip flops. Perhaps in the future we will update to support timing.

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